Friday, September 10

Working Out

This work thing might not be so bad after all.

I had my first day back at work on Tuesday.  It went ok.  Things there haven't really changed, so that's nice.  It was hard to go, and I was a little teary for the first hour or so, but I did ok.  More importantly, so did Haydon.  He was a little clingy James said, and bed time was rough, but he hadn't slept well the night before, so he may have been that way anyway because he was tired.  I took my pump, pumped a bit after dinner (I work afternoon shifts, 1-9 or 3-11), and all was well.

Today's my second shift.  And, as much as I wasn't a huge fan of working afternoons and missing out on bedtime, there are definitely perks to working afternoons.  Like the fact that I've spent all day with my boys!  I was able to hang out a load of laundry, bath my kiddo, go for a walk with my main men, have a nice lunch, and put Haydon down for both of his naps.  He starts bedtime around 6, so, really, I'm only going to miss about 3 hours of his day.  AND he finally accepted a bottle, so James is able to give him milk before bed, and, there's not much to worry about!  I'll be able to spend a big chunk of the day with him, James will be able to work on school assignments while I'm around, and everything's gonna be a'ight.

That's a relief!

In other news...I've gone almost a whole week without buying stuff, kinda, sorta.  Ok, it was Saturday last week that we binged.  And tomorrow's Saturday.  And we're going to the Locke Street Festival tomorrow, so I really shouldn't be touting my success just yet.  And, the more I think about it, there have been some purchases this week.  We bought Haydon some jammies at Little Bird, 'cause sleepers are on sale right now and he's grown out of most of his.  And we bought him a winter hat, 'cause he'll need one of those (both legitimate, I'd say)...but we also bought some shirts 'cause they were just too darn cute to leave behind.  The other thing I bought was breast pads.  I've been trying not to, 'cause I have lots of reusable ones, but this is one area where I can't say I've found a reusable product that performs as well as the disposable.  I've tried.  Many times.  Like this week, the day I had the interview, when I noticed as I was heading out the door that I'd leaked through the wool pad, my bra, and my shirt.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some.  And, James really wanted pizza last night.  He bought it for us from his allowance, but it ended up costing more than he'd expected, and I'm a sucker, so I think we'll go halfsies with him.  Oh yeah.  There was also that ice cream maker James bought off kijiji.  He's such a nut.

Finally, next week I'm going join Bible Study Fellowship International again, and I'm so excited!  I went to BSF when I was in university, and really enjoyed it's approach to studying the Bible.  Really looking forward getting back into it again.

Have a lovely weekend!  Check out the Locke Street Festival tomorrow - should be a great time!  Haydon and I will be at the La Leche League's booth, helping with the boobie bake sale... :P

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