Monday, September 6

Spending Fast Fail

So, uh, we're not doing so well with that no spending thing.

See, we went to the CNE on Saturday.  James got a special price for tickets through work.  We're on holidays together for a week (James just finished work, I'm about to start) and wanted to do something fun as a family.  So, we went to the Ex.

And the day before, James tried on a new baby carrier.  He liked it.  It's simpler than my wrap.  Comfy apparently.   As we were about to leave Saturday morning, he said "I wish I had that carrier..."  And we stopped at Little Bird before we headed to the train station.  

I'm pretty sure we now own every category of carrier - a pouch sling, ring sling, stretchy wrap, woven wrap and a soft structured carrier.  Oh wait.  We don't have a mei tai.  

Anyway.  We went to the CNE.  With a new carrier.  Which James and Haydon both enjoyed.

And then we walked around the CNE, and saw nice things.

Like books. 

I like books.

A lot.

They were 3 for $10.

I bought 9.

But seriously - 9 books for 30 bucks!?  It was a pretty good deal.  Haydon will enjoy them.  James says if we factor in our admission to the CNE and train tickets, 9 books cost $57.00.  I still say it's a great deal.

But then, there was the steam mop demo.  

And I'd been saying lately that I'd like a steam mop.  I have a kid who spends most of his time on the floor, which means I do a lot of mopping lately.  So, I had just said I wanted a steam mop. 

And then this fancy convincing guy mashed crayon onto a piece of carpet and steamed it out, and I was sold.
I made James watch.
He had just heard about "dry steam" being one of the only ways to kill bed bugs in mattresses and couches , and apparently there's a bed bug epidemic, and so, we need to steam our mattress.

So we bought it.

It was an expensive day.  Especially for people who aren't spending money.  


This week.  This will be the week that we actually stick to our no-spending.  

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  1. what was the brand of steam mop? We saw the same demo and were going to buy it but it was the last day and we left and forgot. Now we can't remember the name...

    please email if you know the name!



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