Saturday, September 18


Franny was (is) my cabbage patch doll.  We had matching jammies when I was little.

Franny didn't move out of my parents' house with me.

They just bought a new house, and are getting their house ready to sell.  This was sent to me today.

Hi Rachel. This is Franny. Its really hard to type when your thumbs are sewn to your fingers. Look it, Rach. We've been through a lot. I'm still not over being left in the parking lot of the waffle house in florida, and now you've left me behind again. Can I come for supper on Monday, to at least see your new place

I love my Dad!

(In other news, happy 28th anniversary to my Mom and Dad today!)

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  1. As far as I can tell: One of the best dad's ever !


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