Friday, September 3

Saucy Tomatoes

Here's a peek at yesterday's canning project.  It went really well.  I think I'm headed to the market today to find more things to put in jars.  I'd happily do more peaches or tomatoes (I have 6 and 5 jars respectively), and I'm thinking about pickles.  In a week or so our grapes will be ready to harvest and I'll make some juice.  Yum!

I started by washing the tomatoes.

Then I cored them, halved them, and spread them on a cookie sheet.
Note I DIDN'T blanch and peel much less work this way!

Then I roasted them...

Then I scooped the roasted tomatoes into a bowl, and used a hand blender to mash 'em up.

And into the jars it went.

Finally, I set a bay leaf on top for flavor, put the lids on, and into the boiling water bath they go.

And that's that.  I have tomato sauce.  Yum.

(If you're planning on doing your own, my steps here are certainly not exhaustive, so don't use this as your guide!)


  1. love the roasting idea. I make a marinara with a little red wine and other flavourings. It takes forever though because you have to simmer the sauce for an hour or two to reduce to half. But it tastes delicious and you just open up the can and pour over noodles for a quick supper later. Let me know if you want the recipe. You also don't have to peel the tomatoes because you put them through a food mill (which you can borrow from me if you don't have one).

  2. They look BEAUTIFUL! I like the idea of putting a bay leaf in the top---good thinking!

  3. I'm jealous. I wanted to can all sorts of stuff this year, but ended up not having enough time, between working extra shifts and getting ready for this trip! Next year I'm doing it no matter what!!


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