Thursday, September 9

Extreme Breastfeeding

This post just may be "too much information" for those of you who don't breastfeed/don't want to hear about it.  You've been warned.

Haydon has recently embraced "The Pounce," which is absolutely hilarious.  When he gets up in the morning (if it's not ridiculously early and just one of us is getting up with him), he comes into our bed and we wake up slow together.  He crawls around and plays, pulls on his dad's chest hair, then will come rocketing over and dive-bomb my chest.  Or he'll crawl over, push his legs into a standing position and face plant onto a boob.  Then practice his standing up, with his bum going up and down, as he nurses.

The other day he was less interested in nursing, and more interested in playing, and as he crawled around he put a hand on my very full breast...and squirted his dad, a good 3 feet away, in the face.  He's also very good at  "The Pop and Spray" resulting in a high-powered stream that gets all over his face and clothes.

Ah, the joys.


  1. Haha! Can totally relate to these drawings! Lydia's favourite has always been "The Combo Sleepy with Toe Grab and Twiddle", but have often experienced "The Pop and Spray" and "The Look-See". Lyd also loves Daddy's chest/arm/facial hair, which is fun for pulling- ouch! It's neat how they change so much and nursing becomes much more interesting!

  2. haha pop and spray!!! so true!!!


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