Sunday, August 1


Life feels good again.


I just spent a few days with my family (of origin) in Prince Edward County, and it was lovely.  My parents had their RV parked near Picton for the week, and my sister and I drove up on Wednesday to join them for a bit, and that was a good thing!  It was just good to be with more people to spread out the baby-care load, and it was good to be away from the chores of home, and it was good to spend some time looking at some of the beautiful art Prince Edward County has to offer.

My favourite studio was Armstrong Glassworks, and there was some BEAUTIFUL blown glass there.  I lovedLOVED his coloured pears.

And I want every colour.

I'm also just really excited about life in general right now.  Being away gave me some time to think about what's important to me, and what I want to happen in life, and I have enjoyed thinking about those things, and how I'll make them happen.  I had a bunch of things that were in my head as "someday I'd like to..." and just realized that if I don't actually name them and make a plan for them to happen, they won't.

And so, in the next five years, and before we have our next baby, we will...

- go away for a weekend to celebrate our 5th anniversary (this October)
- pay off all of our school debt
- redo our kitchen
- go to Europe

I'm excited.  I've got the kitchen all planned out in my head.  And that excitement will fuel my fiscal responsibility, so that the school debt actually gets all paid off, and we can save up to make this beautiful dream kitchen a reality.

Finally, if you're a pray-er, I'm sitting down tomorrow to polish up my resume and write some cover letters.  The plan is that I will be our breadwinner starting in September.  Since I've started praying about and looking for jobs, I've come across three opportunities, all of which are really good fits in various ways.  Pray that my resumes will be well received, that I will get interview opportunities, and that the right doors are opened (and shut) to have me in the job that will be best for me, and for us, in September.


  1. Glad you had such a nice time away! I adore PEC. We spent some of our honeymoon there! :)

  2. I have to say that this post and the other post before it reminded me so much of how I felt when I was home with one baby. It brought back so many memories and so many bad and good days. I don't know what causes the feelings but I do know that spending time with family always helped! I have had very very few of those days with 2 kids. Perhaps I'm more adjusted to motherhood more than I was before or perhaps I just don't have time to feel those feelings! Any of those days you feel Ugh, feel free to give us a call - we'd be happy to come over or happy to have you over!


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