Thursday, August 5

Thankful Thursdays

There's a reason I refer to my husband as 
"St." James

My man minutes before our wedding.

Ok, really, many reasons.

Thanks for helping me through school - and letting me finish first!

James is WAY better at organizing birthdays and making DELICIOUS cakes.
That look nice.
My attempts at a cake for him this year looked like a grade two science project.
(PS - it looks like that says "29" on there...let me assure you, it does not)

He still looks more like me, even though you're both bald.

This guy is the best husband and father to us we could dream off.  As I think about going back to work in the fall, and think about what the days will look like, coming home after being at work, nursing, having dinner together, making bedtime happen, trying to figure out how to include an evening or two out during the week to go to a Bible study or volunteer at church, and I'm exhausted already.  This guy's been doing that for almost eight months (minus the nursing).  He's up just as often as I am at night, he tries to make sure I have as much time for myself as possible, he does MORE than his fair share around the house.  

He's a Saint.

James, thanks for being you!  Thanks for being an incredible friend and partner as we do life together.  Thanks for the way you care for me, and the way you care for our son.  Thanks for the way you enable me to be a good mom, and the way you give SO much of yourself without complaining.

I will try to be as supportive of you as you take on school and being the at-home parent.  I won't do as good job as you do, I know it.  But I'll try.

I love you!


  1. Rach!! this is amazing, what a great way to thank your husband! It's nice to see now a days in a world where divorce is unsettlingly common.


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