Tuesday, August 24


So, remember that job interview I had on Thursday afternoon, the one in which they said "You'll hear from us shortly."?  Yeah, it's Tuesday.  Does that qualify as shortly?  I'm getting a little panicky...last time I heard from them an hour after my interview, and they called by 9:15am the day that applications were due to set up my initial interview...so the fact that it's been four days leaves me worried.  And then there's the question about when it's appropriate to call...If they wanted me to work for them, surely they'd tell me that.  But, what if it's some sort of test?  Does she follow up?  What if in a personal planning meeting a parent or care provider say they sill get back to you and you don't hear from them...when do you contact them?  Maybe they're waiting to see how I work?  Oh I don't know!  But I am starting to worry.  James is done work in 6 days.  This job starts in 6 days.  But if I want my old job back I need to give 30 days notice...and EI doesn't ever get sorted out right away...gah.

Bought stuff yesterday...2 packs of drawer/cupboard latches, a book of stamps, and wrote a cheque for the deposit for our anniversary get-away.


  1. Oooh so tough! I would call though! (And pray for voicemail - that's always easier!) Just be light and casual and say "I really enjoyed our interview last week and am just calling to follow up with you..." I don't think it hurts to call - you won't be bugging them (since its 5 days later), it just shows you're interested & take initiative! Good luck! :)

  2. I agree, I think it's been long enough that it would reasonable to call and ask how things are going...


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