Friday, August 20


I'm going to whine.

I know my life is not that bad.

I'm still going to complain.

That kid was up 5 times last night.

Yesterday I was hanging onto the fact that he was still napping well.  He decided not to today, so I haven't got much left to hang onto.  He usually has a good morning nap; he goes down sometime between 7:30-8:30.  Maybe 9 if he slept a little later.

It was 10:45 today, and only after a good long walk in the wrap before he went to sleep.

And I have a headache, a sore throat, a job application to submit today, a line full of clothes to bring in 'cause there are no men around to do that today, and a disgustingly messy kitchen.  and bathroom.  and baby's room.  And I still haven't heard about the job I was interviewing for yesterday, and every other time that agency has been in touch with me within an hour, so I'm starting to worry...

There are still good things.

Like egg salad.

And potted mums.  I saw potted mums outside a convenience store.  My favourite season is coming!!!

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