Sunday, August 22

The Impulse Buy

I'm not spending money 'til December, 'member?

Except for yesterday.

Mom and I went to Once Upon A Child to look for some stuff for her house - play pen, high chair, gates, etc.  We found a nice play pen.

We also found a BEAUTIFUL set of bedding and curtains.

Here's the problem:  Bumper pads had been on the list of stuff that was exempt from the spending fast.  Lately every time I walk into Haydon's room, if he's not sitting up, he's screaming with one of his chunky thighs stuck between the crib rails.

And this is why one should be intentional about purchases.  See, if I had gone out looking for bumper pads, I would likely have come home with one of those breathable things that can weave through the rails so your kid doesn't get stuck.  Or maybe I would've kijiji'd for something inexpensive.  Or even said something on facebook to see if anyone had any that they're not using.

But no.  I went wandering through Once Upon A Child.

And saw this:

Isn't it pretty!?  Now I not only have bumper pads, but curtains, a comforter, goofy pillows and a bunch of weird hangy things that I wasn't really sure what to do with, and don't need.  I like it, I think, although it's a bit busy.  I feel like the crib could be entered in a parade.  But it feels nice in his room now - we hadn't really done any decorating other than paint it, so now it actually feels like a baby boy's room.

And I've had a LOT of time to enjoy looking at it tonight...
(stop reading here if you're sick of the sleep-whining)

I don't know what to do with that kid!  Lately he'll go to bed ok, then 45 minutes to an hour later, he wakes up and he's up until 10, 11, even midnight one night.  He's just up and ready to go!  He giggles at us, babbles, talks to his stuffed animals, practices his standing.  He's just not tired!  I'll try nursing, we'll try walking with him or rocking, rubbing his back, just sitting in the room while he's in his crib, and nothing works.  Last night, it was 11:00 before we were able to get to bed, and he didn't sleep longer than two hours between wakings all night long.

Anyway.  He's asleep right now.  James just came out of there.

In the interest of full disclosure with the spending stuff, I also bought gas yesterday.  Tomorrow it's groceries and some babyproofing stuff - we need some drawer and cupboard clasps.

Goodnight (I hope!)

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