Saturday, August 21


It's been a great day so far!

Haydon  had a decent nap this morning, and I was able to catch up on my out-of-control house.  As in, I did Thursday's supper dishes.  Feels good to be caught up!

Yesterday, I finally locked Haydon and I in his room and did some much-needed organizing.  There was a huge pile that hadn't been dealt with since we got back from the cottage, 'cause he was sleeping when we got home and unpacked, so I just kind of set stuff in his room and there it stayed.  Also, his closet was being overtaken by a large pile of clothes he's outgrown.  I organized and sorted, and this morning was able to give back some stuff we'd borrowed, lend out a box to an expecting friend, and take some stuff to my beloved Little Bird.  Feels good to have less stuff hanging around!

Then we went on to a Hamilton Babywearers meeting (you can check them out on facebook).  I learned a new back carry, which I think I may be able to do by myself...that's the tricky part of wrapping, is getting them IN there!    Enjoyed chatting with other like-minded mamas.  And, James had some time to kill in between jobs and errands, so he stopped by and played with Haydon at the park with one of the other dads. Then we had lunch together - the first meal we've eaten together in AGES 'cause I was out volunteering at our church's VBS every night this week.
Anj and I sporting our matching wraps...and sandals...

And now, Haydon is napping AGAIN (gloryhallelujah!), and I am munching away on peanut butter M&Ms 'cause St. James is a sugar daddy (literally) so when I say "I really want some chocolate..." he magically has some in his bag in the car.  Yum.  This afternoon I'm headed to Brantford to have some reflexology done (no idea what that will be like!?) and chill with my fam.  Mom and I are going to look for a play pen and high chair for their house...I am looking forward to vicarious shopping.

Hope you're having a great Saturday too!

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