Friday, August 27

Experiment Update

So, we're trying not to buy stuff.  Unnecessary stuff.  Stuff other than gas, groceries or necessities for our growing boy.

...'cept, that's kinda hard, ya know?

It's been going ok, but, I wouldn't call this week a success.  I have bought things.  There are also things I didn't buy.  And there are things that I learned.

So, I bought some shoes for my kiddo.  'Cause I'm not good at keeping track of little baby things, and I misplaced his other ones, and he's actually starting to stand, so it's a good thing to have.  And, when I was there, there was a really cute pair of boots, and well, he'll be walking as winter gets here so that made sense too.  Both were consignment items from (where else!?) Little Bird.

And then a friend invited me to browse Ottawa St. with her.  And then we met at Poco Loco, and I hadn't had lunch yet, and it was yummy.  James and I have both always had allowances - a small sum of money that we can spend on whatever and not have to justify it to the other person, so my lunch came out of that, but I'm still not sure how I feel about it.  He thinks we should each maintain our allowance through out the fast...I think that, well, it's a fast, and you don't really experience it unless you do it fully.  Although, the difficult thing is, meeting people over food is a great way to connect, and something that happens really often in our culture, and it feels weird to say "Well, you see, we're committed to not spending any money right now..." (although it does open up conversations - we're so tight-lipped about finances in our society!)

Anyway, as we were browsing, we went into Allsorts Gallery, an artists' co-op which is full of beautiful things.  And here I learned something about myself: gift giving is one of my love languages.  One of my friends was having a bad day, and I had already justified to myself buying her flowers, but then I saw this and decided to go with it instead.

So.  It hasn't been a spending-free week.  But, let me tell you, there are things that I didn't buy or spend money on.
- We didn't buy football tickets to the Labour Day classic happening next week, which would've been really fun.
- I didn't buy a whole bunch more really really cute baby clothes at that darned den of temptation Little Bird
- I think there was something else that I remember exercising restraint on but I can't remember.

Anyway, it's a good activity, and one that we'll see through to December.  I'm sure some weeks will be worse, and some better.  And I'm still not decided on whether or not it should include meeting friends over food or gifts.  What do you think?


  1. Saying that you won't buy anything but absolute necessities is hard when you've had money available so you can have lunch or cheer a friend up. When I'm working, I find this much less of a struggle than I do when I'm home in the summer. It's just as well that I enjoy hiding in my house - but I want to work on home improvement projects!
    I'm assuming there's a budget you've drawn up? Jim and I have moved to the envelope system a la Gail vaz Oxlade and her jars. We're in it more for the debt reduction, but we find we're more conscious of our spending as a result. We've also started a change jar, and it adds up quick!
    I'm enjoying reading about your experiment because it parallels our current experiences with stuff. Good luck as you continue to reduce.
    PS - Have you read "Living Simple"? I think that's what it's called. It might give you more of a spiritual foundation. I have a copy that I could drop off at your parents if you're interested.

  2. Have i ever told you friends of my parents own Poco Loco... we go there as much as we can... so yummy!!! I love it mmmmmmmm
    Rachel P


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