Tuesday, May 25


It's hot. 
And I really don't have much to say.

Home from our weekend of camping, and it was good.
Haydon did great, had an awesome weekend, was his usually shiny happy self, and all of his naps and was a wonder baby.

And now that we're home and back to his crib...he screamed for over 2 hours before falling asleep. 
And it's hot.

And then my wonder husband got home from work and made me cry.
See, I have this problem with chocolate.  I like it a lot.  So much that if we have any, James hides it so I don't eat it all.  Or if he has any that's like, just his, he definitely hides it.  And every now and then he'll plant some somewhere like my purse or something as a nice treat for me.  'Cause he's so nice.
So, I'm packing up our stuff to come home from camping yesterday, and there's something big and blockish in James' coat pocket.  It's a mint aero bar.  De-lish-ous.  I take it out.  I almost remove the packaging.  Then I think to myself "This is NOT yours!  Put it back!"

And I did.  And THAT is a big deal.

I told him all proudly later on of my wonderful behaviour.  He was proud.
I was certain there was a piece of that mint aero deliciousness comin' my way whenever he opened it up.

So, he gets home tonight, asks me if I want to watch the episode of Chuck we have to catch up on, and do I want anything to eat.

"I wouldn't mind a piece of that chocolate bar you had..."

"It's gone."

Just like that he says.  All straight-faced and like it's no big deal.  It's gone.  It's GONE!  Can you believe it!  After my upstanding behaviour, it's just gone!?!

That'll teach me not to eat the chocolate when I've got the chance...

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  1. I guess you've learned you lesson: no more mrs. nice wife - EAT IT! :)
    Also - that would totally make me cry too.


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