Wednesday, May 5

Wonderful Windy Wednesday

I love Wednesdays.  This one is no exception.

See, they usually start with play group, which is a handful of mummas with little ones who get together in someone's basement and eat cookies or fruit and talk baby while toddlers run around and play.  And sometimes scream, but mostly play.  It's close enough that I can walk, and on gorgeous sunny days like this, there's nothing better than walking to visit friends.  And the kids were hilarious today - I kept wishing I had a camera as a bunch of the toddlers walked around with butterfly nets on their heads. 

After play group, I headed to Little Bird on Ottawa Street.  Little Bird is a great little kids consignment shop, which is also home to re*diaper.  I bought diapers, diaper detergent, shorts and sandals for Haydon.  I spent too much money.  It was wonderful. (PS - I still have 3 10% of coupons for Little Bird for whomever speaks up.  Seriously people, just comment, and they're yours).

Then I walked home.  And I pondered how much I love city living, and how much I love Hamilton, and how much I love that I can walk to meet great people, and then walk to buy good quality used kids stuff and cloth diapers, and just how great and wonderful and sustainable it is and all that good crap.

And then my darling baby fell asleep in the stroller, and I got home and parked him in the back yard while I hung out my clothes which were dry in about 2 minutes because it's so stinkin' windy (downside to so stinkin' windy is that our recycling doesn't get picked up until really late in the day, and the neighbour's blue bin and its contents are all over my yard.  bummer).  Haydon managed to stay asleep long enough for me to hang out the clothes, make lunch, sit and read outside while eating lunch.

Speaking of reading - I'm reading "Babyproofing Your Marriage."  It's pretty darned good!  I picked it up at the library (which I can WALK to!) yesterday.  I was a bit skeptical, but after a few chapters I'd definitely recommend it to people with young kids.  Tips on avoiding "midnight chicken" (pretending you don't hear the baby crying while hoping your spouse, who's doing the same thing, gets up first), scorekeeping, and all kinds of other good stuff.  Definitely valuable for both spouses to read...St. James is thrilled I have more reading material for him.  Poor man doesn't like reading near as much as I do, nor does he have as much time as I do, nor does he read as fast as I do.  It's a rough life, being my husband :P

Now, I'm going to go nap while Haydon has his late afternooner.  And I can do this, because my Itialian Nona neighbour just gave me a piping hot container of meat-sauce, so all I need to do for dinner now is boil water and toss in the pasta.

I love Wednesdays.

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