Friday, May 14

I Heart Hamilton

There is SO much to do in this fine city this evening.  Let me tell you about a couple of the things I'd like to be a part of...

1)True City:InConcert

TrueCity is a movement of churches in the Hamilton area committed to living out the good news of peace, justice, mercy, and reconciliation we have in Jesus. We believe that as we do, we will see our neighbourhoods and our city transformed.
 Some great musicians from True City churches will be playing tonight.  The Freeway - a great coffee house - is located at 333 King St E.  Come sit on a comfy couch, drink great locally roasted fair trade coffee, and hear some good tunes.

2) James Street N. Art Crawl!
The Art Crawl happens the second Friday of each month.  I have been wanting to check out the Art Crawl for eons...every month it doesn't work out.  Every month I tell myself I will go next month.  I won't be making  it this month...and I already know that I can't June, July OR August.  September.  I will go in September.   Here are some details about the galleries and artists on display tonight.

3) "Celebrate Spring" on Ottawa Street
Ottawa Street is having a celebrate spring event on today.  The antique shops will be open 'till 9 and having lots of sales and door pries (you can go buy my desk for me, if you like - it's at Maverick Antiques).  There's also an outdoor movie taking place at 8:30 at East Kiwanis Place.  

Not feeling like going galavanting?  I know of this lovely living room in downtown Hamilton that's a great place to sit and relax while a baby sleeps upstairs.  Candles, good books, tea and fresh baked goods will be provided.  I'd love to head out to True City: InConcert...

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