Sunday, May 16

It's a Dog's Life

Remember that dog we have?

Yeah, that one.  That great big hairy lug of a lovely dog.
I really love Charlie.  Buuuuuut...Lately I have been finding I'm not up to being a dog owner.  He doesn't get walked.  He doesn't get brushed.  He doesn't even really get a belly scratch now and then.  He does get yelled at when he's underfoot, which is almost all the time because he's huge and he's not getting enough attention or exercise.  It's not his fault.  It's mine.

And so we've decided it's time for Charlie to go to a new home.
And I know it's what's best.  For Charlie.  For me.

But I'm still spontaneously bursting into tears all afternoon.  'Cause I kinda  feel like we failed Charlie...just like I kinda feel like we failed Monty.

Yeah, that lovely cat that ran away.

Charlie is going to a house that is full to the brim with lots of kids, and I'm sure he will be well cared for and loved and walked and not left all alone all day long while I go visit my parents in Brantford.
In fact, the first time Charlie met Sihaam, who's taking him, they bonded instantly

But I'm still crying.

'Bye Charlie.  Love ya dude.

1 comment:

  1. Oh... sad. :(
    I'm a little bit worried about what's going to happen to Jakers in the fall. I hope it works out ok. We sure do love him!
    At least he's going to a friend, and you know he'll be well cared for!


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