Tuesday, May 11

Tweet, Tweet

I think I'm going to sign up for Twitter.

This scares me.  Mostly because I don't really understand it.  And I don't think you need to know what I'm doing every 10 seconds.  And I don't need to waste more time trying to find out what you're doing, facebook gives me enough opportunity to do that, thankyouverymuch.

Watch this hilarious video that sums up my disdain about Twitter (which I am apparently getting over).

I have reasons though, I promise.

Like, there are some people who actually use it for intelligent or interesting things.  Like the person who tweets historic newspaper headlines.  I'd follow that.  I'd also give you a link or a tag or something, but I haven't signed up yet, and don't know how.

And there are blog giveaways I'm supposed to enter by "retweeting."  And I can't do that without Twitter.  And, like, I need to win all that good free stuff out there.  Free stuff like diapers.  'Cause y'all know how I get about diapers.  And clothdiapers.blogspot.com is having Mom's Week giveaways, and one of the ways you do it is through this retweeting stuff.  And a Twitter party?  So confused, but ready to try.

And, because I'm trying to get more into the bloggy thing, and I'd like to put a Twitter feed on my blog, 'cause, if you're reading about my blog, evidently you want to know when I sit down, stand up, hang my laundry out and pick my nose.

I'll Tweet when I've got it set up and figured out. You can follow me and boost my ego.  Lemme know if you want me to follow you and boost yours.

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