Tuesday, May 18

Wondrous Machines


There is something really great about those moments just after kissing that beautiful boy's head, laying him in his crib, and tip-toeing out of the room.  I have a ton of things I'm hoping to get done tonight - laundry on the line to come in, some baking I'd like to do, stuff to put away from shopping today, disgustingly dirty floors to wash.  But first, I had a few moments of me-time, which included a drumstick ice cream cone and a glass of milk, and some reading.

Just wanted to share quickly what I was reading.  An article from Mothering Magazine which I have been really coming to enjoy.  I think I'll subscribe.  The article is "Celebrating our Glorious Goddess Bodies" and was just a good read and a good reminder that this bod that rolls over the tops of my pants and has breasts so stretched that they look like a road map produced that boy I love, and that's pretty amazing.  On that theme, I've recently discovered this blog, The Shape of a Mother, which is a place for people to post pictures of their post-partum bodies in attempts to normalize reality, and work to erase the expectation that we should all look like Heidi Klum after giving birth (just a heads' up - there is nudity).

After Haydon was born, I remember thinking to myself  "I've got six months 'till summer...more than enough time to be the best-looking Mom on the beach."  I don't care as much anymore.  I'd like to say I don't care at all, but there are days when that is simply not true.  But, on the days when I'm in the head-space I'd like to be in, I remember that this body looks this way for a reason.  And this body looks pretty darn good.  It's healthy.  It's nourishing my son.  I'm pretty lucky to have it - regardless of its shape and size.

I have some friends who are a part of a band that makes music for kids, called Wondrous Machine.  They have a great, catchy little tune with the same title.  One day, as I was standing in front of the mirror bemoaning my mama body, that little tune worked it's way into my head...

I am a wondrous machine, of God's great design, of God's great design.
I am a wondrous machine, of God's great design!

It's true.

And so are you.

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