Thursday, May 13


...we have a problem.

Ya see, my mom has this beautiful desk at home.  It's an antique Arts and Crafts style library desk.  It has built in shelves on either side, a narrow drawer that opens, and room for a chair on either side.  It looks a little something like this. 

Only nicer.

I've always wanted one.  Whenever I browse through antique shops, I keep my eyes open for one.  I've been looking for a couple of years.  And they're not that rare, I usually see one that's similar.  But often they don't have the shelves, or they don't have the space for chairs on either side, or they're just not in great shape.

Except for today.  Today I found it.  It's perfect.  It has everything - shelves on both sides, room for chairs on both sides, beautifully finished.  Reasonably priced too.  She was even gonna give it to me without tax today.

And that's the problem.  Ya see, as much as I want it, and have been looking for it for EVER, and it's reasonably priced and's not in the budget right now.  And we're trying to be all fiscally responsible and stuff and pay off the student loans and stuff and not buy things that we don't need and don't have the money for right now.  And stuff.



  1. I know the feeling!! It's frustrating...

    If you don't manage to get this one, then down the road (when you do have the spare funds to buy one) you can ask Erik to make one for you. He really wants to get into furniture making (and he's a perfectionist, which I find annoying, but works well for detailed stuff like that). Then you can get the exact desk you want at a decent price and he can practice making furniture. That is, unless you want an actual antique... in which case this wouldn't help you. :)

  2. I like Heather's idea!
    And you can make it antique-y by using something like barn board (I love barn board!), instead of shiny new wood. (Ooo! Recycle!)

  3. From my experience, buy it! It will be gone by the time you can budget it into your budget. I put off so many things that I ended up never getting because of a budget. Now, if I see something I have wanted forever, I buy it.... and take something else off my wants list to make up for it. Works for me.


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