Wednesday, May 12

A Poem for My Boy

Hey, remember that time I was obsessed with diapers?

...oh right.  That would be currently.

And to feed the flames of fanny fanatacism, I just discovered a new blog.
Yep, 'cause I really need to spend more time reading about diapers.  You probably do too.

Anyway, they're having a Mom's Week give away.  To enter, you have to write a little (500 words or less) blurb on the theme "I'm so glad you were born"

And so I decided I would exercise my creative writing skills, 'cause they haven't been used in awhile.  I wrote a poem for my boy.  Can I share it?  It's a little sappy...keep your eye rolling and gagging noises to yourself.

I'm So Glad You Were Born

I’m so glad you were born.
You - with your perfect pursed pout
You - with your ever-rosy cheeks
You - with your deep baby blues
lined with those lovely luscious lashes.

I’m so glad you were born.
You - with your early-morning squeals
You - with your deep sleepy grins
You - with your gleeful giggles
 that leave me no choice but to laugh along with you.

I’m so glad you were born mine.
Mine - to cuddle and kiss as you sleep at my breast
Mine - to grin over with pride as they tell me “how beautiful!”
Mine - to love and to lead
as we look to the future with wonder and hope.

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