Thursday, May 20

This day is brought to you by the letter 'P'

'P' standing for puke, packing and Pitch and Praise.

As in, because Haydon's napping, I should really be packing for the weekend, but it's hard to drink my delicious coffee while packing, and it's easy to do it while blogging/reading blogs.

We're going with the youth from our church to Pitch and Praise - a weekend camping retreat.  I'm not sure if I'm pumped or petrified about going camping with a baby and a bunch of young teens...I think it'll be good.  My one ridiculous and irrational fear about the weekend is that I would be wandering around with my babe strapped on and need to pee and not have anyone I can pass the baby too.  To which St. James said "It can't be that hard to pee with him in the sling!" (We don't all come with that kind of equipment...).  And my friends, the other leaders who are going said "...we'll hold Haydon."  Phew.

The problem with packing is, Haydon is perpetually puking.  This is fine when I'm at home and can do two loads of laundry a day (crap!  I'm supposed to have diapers in right now!).  This is less fine when by 9 in the morning he's already puked all over me.  I had all of our clothes clean last night so that I could pack everything, and I'm not sure I will even have clean clothes to pack by the end of the day.

It's a good thing I love doing laundry so much.  Here's some pics from my line earlier this week.

Eeeee!  Does it get much better?  SO cute!

I know.  Poop stains.  Gross.  Have I mentioned that I love cloth diapers?  This would NOT have happened if he wasn't in disposable that night...St. James said he was cleaning poop out of his neck.  Have I mentioned that I love St. James?
Yep.  Baby stuff is cute.  H&M for the monster socks...


  1. Those socks are freaking adorable. Seriously. I want 10 pairs. :)

  2. I pee while having Harper in any baby carrier now. It's not too difficult so if he's sleeping at the time, you may have to try it!


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