Monday, May 17

Magnificent Mondays

Monday is my favourite day around here, which always feels a little funny, considering most of the world groans over Mondays.

James doesn't work until 1:00 on Monday afternoons.  So Mondays have become this beautiful time of resting and connecting and preparing for the week ahead.  Sure, weekends are great, but they are often filled with outings and errands and visiting, all of which are good, but not always restful.  No matter how busy the weekend is, we always know that Monday mornings are not far off.  Monday mornings are for us, and nothing else gets in the way of that.

On Mondays, we (or one of us) usually sleep in.  We enjoy a nice breakfast together.  I pull out the white board weekly calendar and we talk about what's happening in the coming week.  It's a great way to make sure we know what the other person's up to, helps us trouble shoot problems (wait...if you have a meeting on Tuesday night and I was going to go to...who's hanging out with Haydon?)  It also helps us to regulate ourselves "You mean there isn't a single night when we're both going to be home for dinner together!?  We need to cut back on our commitments..."  After we take care of business, we spend some time praying together, for our family, our friends, and our community.  And then James rushes to get ready for work (I love that he likes to spend as much time with us as possible...even if it means throwing lunch together and throwing his work clothes on at the last minute, when he should already be in the car).

So, basically Mondays are great.  Add to that the fact that I have one awesome husband, who got up this morning at 6 with Haydon so that I could sleep in, and then was able to crawl back in bed at 7:30 when our early riser was ready for a nap, and then got up and made a great breakfast for us to share over our meeting, and you get one magnificent Monday.  Being married to a saint is pretty great.

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